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About usDear Friends,
We have a great pleasure in announcing the establishment of the First Serbian Entrepreneur Association Belgrade in December 2010.
First Serbian Entrepreneur Association is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organisation, aimed at organising and providing technical support to owners of small enterprises and stores.

The Association brings together entrepreneurs from the territory of the City of Belgrade and throughout the Republic of Serbia, citizens’ associations and various stakeholder organizations aiming to promote and support the development of entrepreneurship. Membership is voluntary and free of charge, with the possibility of both individual and group admission.
To achieve its goals, the Association:

  • Being a systemic group, influences the creation of a business-friendly environment;
  • Acts in the best interest of its members, representing them before the economic system institutions, state institutions, as well as third parties;
  • Realises common interests of its members and organizes their coordinated performances at local, regional and third markets;
  • Facilitates and enhances communication among the members, providing them constantly with quality information about issues related to their business;
  • Organises seminars, conferences and all forms of education to raise market competitiveness of its members;
  • Establishes rules for good business conduct of its members and protects their interests, and, if necessary, takes the role in mediation and arbitration for resolving possible conflicts of interests between the members;
  • Strives for fostering the relations with the media and the introduction of the public with issues relevant to the economy.

The Association brings together experts from various fields, whose publicly recognized past work has contributed to the affirmation of the small business sector.
One of the priority goals in the work of the Association for 2011 is to create the network of entrepreneur clubs in all municipalities of the City of Belgrade.

In cooperation with local self-governments, the Association has already started with the implementation of training programs. The program provides the necessary information to both individuals intending to start own business and those who are already owners of small companies but face difficulties in their business. The program content is tailored to the specific needs of the participants.

The registered office of the Association is in Belgrade, 33, Vojvode Milenka Street.
You may contact us on any working day between 10.00 a.m. and 5.00 p.m, by phone at 361 9103 or 306 55 80.


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